Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

“Attending the sessions has been a massive part of my recovery. It has been a good way to spend time around people in a safe and welcoming non-challenging space. I would never have had the urge to try if the sessions weren’t free but I’m so happy I did. I’m now more than happy to make my donation as the class is of such benefit to me.”

Community Yoga Participant

“It’s time for just me… and I appreciate that as well as feeling healthier.”

Trauma Survivors Yoga Participant

“I’d never done Yoga before in my life, until last week, but I already feel that it is helping. I have even been practising some of the breathing at home and it helps me sleep better. Even though I am in my 60’s, it’s only since joining this class that I feel like I have finally learned how to properly relax!”

Community Yoga Participant

“People have said that their spirits were lifted they benefited from the companionship of the Yoga session even though it was on line, they felt connected to others and having a physical activity took away the pressure of having to talk when they didn’t always feel like talking.”

Headway The Brain Injury Association, Partner Organisation

“The yoga sessions have been amazing for our group who all live with young onset dementia, most of the group are aged between 50 and 70. The group members have told me that they feel able to join in with ‘normal’ activities after these sessions and feel fantastic too!”

Volunteer at the Young Onset Dementia Group

“I feel less tense and able to deal with aches and pains using techniques Laura has taught me… It’s good to be able to stay more positive and look at good things that have happened through the week. Also to discuss issues with Laura and the rest of the group at the tea and chat sessions. It’s lovely to catch up and get to know people in a relaxing and friendly group.”

Community Yoga Participant

Staff Wellbeing Testimonials

Staff Wellbeing Testimonials

“As part of a staff training day, our team at Oldham Council enjoyed a yoga session with Ellie. The aim was to encourage members of the team to relax, to let their creativity flow and to enhance working relationships in an informal and non-hierarchical way.

Ellie was inclusive, friendly and encouraging; adapting the session so all of our varied team members could take part and enjoy it, and even creating a sense of peace and calm in a corporate training room – which is no mean feat!

Afterwards, many staff said it was the best training session they’d ever had. The session was fantastic, as well as being great value for money, and we would highly recommend it.”

Jeni Harvey, Oldham Council

“I attended the session and loved it. I would be interested in coming to a regular group if one could be set up

I really enjoyed the yoga session. It was a great way to relax and switch off at the end of a hectic day. It was also a good way to see people you don’t normally work with and there was a lovely calm atmosphere in the hall.

The instructor was clear in her instructions and it was something that anyone at any ability could join in with and she pitched it just right.”

Jan Woodhead,

Hollybank Trust

“We started working with Ellie and her Team at Umbrella Yoga during COVID, we saw the sessions as a way of bringing colleagues together, albeit over Teams, and reaching out to our vulnerable members of Brother who maybe lived on their own and were feeling the impact of loneliness.”

Joanne Hill, Brother UK

Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing

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SEYH Awards 2022

Umbrella Yoga were one of three finalists in the running for the annual SEYH Start Up Award. We won! We are honoured and delighted to have received the award and are grateful to our amazing team of staff, directors, and sponsors for this accolade. The SEYH Judges commented that Umbrella Yoga CiC “…have a very clear strategy and vision combined with a good business model and have evidenced that they have great potential for future success!”