Learning Disabilities & Additional Needs

Learning Disabilities & Additional Needs

People with LD face barriers in daily life and in accessing many community activities. They also experience health inequalities.

During the Covid lockdown, people with LD were some of the most adversely affected, with levels of isolation sky-rocketing and health and wellbeing plummeting.

LD and neurodiverse adults are also far more likely to suffer from mental health problems than neurotypical individuals. Yoga is uniquely suited to improve physical wellbeing, by improving strength, mobility, motor control and coordination, pain awareness and pain management. In addition to the physical benefits, yoga provides tools for tackling common mental health issues, such as anxiety reduction and improvements to mood and quality of sleep.

They are uplifting and engaging. Overall, our sessions make an enormous difference to the quality of life of our participants.

Yoga & Autism:

what do we know and where do we go?

Learning Disabilities and Yoga: How and Why?

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