Meet the Team

Our yoga practitioners and session leaders have expertise in a range of yoga styles and mind-body practices, as well as a background in working with people with various additional needs. They each bring their experience, personality and unique style to their work – read more about them below!

Ellie Firth
Founding Director & Yoga Teacher
Polly Anna Steiner
Director & Yoga Teacher
Rachel Gosling
Director & Yoga Teacher
Helen White
Accounts Manager & Yoga Teacher
Alida Gulamhussein
Community Yoga Coordinator & Yoga Teacher
Virginia Walker
Yoga Teacher
Maryam Jivanji
Yoga Teacher
Alison Henning
Yoga Teacher
Catherine Addy
 Administration Manager
Sharon Casey
Yoga Teacher
Bernadette Culhane
Yoga Teacher
Carole Roberts
Non-Exec Director
Anna Riddell-Roberts
Chair of Board